26 2 / 2014

These are some photos I took of myself in gymclothes. I was asked many times how I hide things so I decided to show you how it all looks.

Me in sexy black shorts.

Me in a tight pink shirt.

I will post more soon so watch for more photos of me in workout clothes!


Ana Mancini

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25 2 / 2014


Ana Mancini


Sooo nice to see other people like my videos as well. Re Blogged.

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25 2 / 2014

What do you think if a pair of Sexy bra and panties on a hot hard body?

Sexy enough?

Like the Bra and Panties?

Let me know and I will tell you where I got them!

Hugs and kisses. Ana Mancini

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24 2 / 2014

Who is into boots? A website fan gave me these boots so I wanted to show them off. I have had them for some time and wear them as often as I can. Just a HOT thing with the short skirt don’t you think?

Is my skirt short enough for you?

Oops a little much on the cleavage.

The total package!

Maybe one day you will catch me doing a photo shoot like this on the street!

Ana Mancini

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22 2 / 2014

Does your girl wear a thong? Well I do so I wanted to show you how it looks on me.

Is that a nice round ass or what?

Small enough Bikini?

Dont you love a thong with heels?

Got Milk?


Ana Mancini

20 2 / 2014

This is just a couple beach shots I wanted to share with you! Hope you like them.

Well what do you think? Want to meet at the beach some day?

Ana Mancini